Germany, Munich, 205
Germany, Munich, 205
Barcelona, Spain, 2006
Airport Lounge Loneleyness. 2007
Streetphotography: Guy with interesting tatoos. USA, New York, 2008
Taken in NYC, USA
Busy people with scooters in the street. Taipei
New York, USA, 2008
Street Photography below the streets. New York, USA, 2008
Street in Las Vegas, USA, 2013
Las Vegas, USA, 2013
Smoke & Wheeled Walker
Texel, Netherlands. 2014.F
Texel, Netheralnds. 2014
The Red Skirt. Munich, Germany. 2014
I was on a little photo tour in the streets of Schwabing - a district in Munich, Germany, when I met this accordeon player. He was a nice guy and more then happy to be my model for this photo. "Street Musician I" - Munich, Germany, 2014
An panpipe player in the streets of Munich, Germany. He wa sitting so close to a busy street that it was really hard to hear what he was playing... actually I am not sure he was playing anything at all. But I assume for the "positioning" in his business it is better to show off with an instrument...? ;-) "Street Musician II" - Munich, Germany, 2014
Munich, Germany, 2014
Munich, Germany, 2014
Munich, Germany, 2014
Munich, Germany, 2014
Germany, Munich,
A very busy Brooklyn Bridge on a Saturday. USA, NYC, 2015

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