Clouds hanging very low. Shot in the morning in Krün, Bavaria, Germany. 2010
Valley Of Fire, USA, 2013
The North Sea - black & beautiful. Texel, Netherlands, 2013
Early morning shot, taken in the So called "Wiesenland" in Kleve, Germany.
Netherlands, Texel. 2014.
Sheep barn on the Island of Texel. Texel, Netherlands, 2014
Texel, Netherlands. 2014.
USA, 2015
The lighthouse of texel is called "Eierland Lighthouse". The lighthouse is located at the northern side of the Dutsch Island of Texel.
This kiosk is located in Volharding, De Cocksdorp, Texel. Here you can buy tickets for the ferry crossing to the Island Vlieland.
Sunset on the Island Texel, Netherlands.
Texel, Niederlande. August 2016
Texel, Niederlande. August 2016
The Lake Ammer in Germany - in German language: "Ammersee"

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