Munich, Germany, 2015
Munich, Germany, 2015
Autobahn junction at night. Photo taken with DJI Inspire 1. Exposure time: 1 Second. Munich, Germany, 2015
Aerial photo of trains. Germany, Munich, 2015
Aerial shot of freight trains on a storage siding in the forest. Germany, Munich, 2015
Trains parking at a Stabling Siding. Germany, Munich, 2015
Aerial photo of railway tracks and a street in the shape of the letter H. Germany, Munich, 2015
Aerial panorama of Munich, Allach. "Allach Pano" - Germany, Munich, 2015
Aerial photo of a farm straight from above. Germany, 2015
Aerial photo of three boats moored to a pier.
Windmill sunrise between lakes and green fields. Netherlands, Texel.
Colorful rooftops of beach huts at the North Sea. Netherlands, Texel
One of my favorite shots of the Eierland Lighthouse, Texel, Netherlands.
Soccer field aerial photo. Multiple copies put together in Photoshop to build this abstract pattern.
Aerial photo of some tennis courts surrounded by trees. Germany, Munich, 2015
Aerial photo of a wind turbine in Germany, Dachau. 2015.
Aerial photo of the wind turbine of Froettmaning , Munich, Germany. In the background the stadium "Allianz Arena". Germany, Munich, 2015
Wastewater Treatment Plant These four cones are part of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Gut Großlappen at Froettmaning, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This is one of two plants in Munich, in which around 160 million cubic metres are treated annually. The Four Cones The four "cones" in the foreground of the photo are actually digester tanks and they are used for sludge treatment.
Aerial photo of the Allianz Arena stadium in Germany, Munich. Photo made with DJI Inspire Quadcopter. Germany, Munich, 2015
Aerial photo of the Langwieder lake district, west of Munich, Germany. gg20152015
A platform in a quarry pond. Photo done with DJI Phantom Professional 3. Height was about 85 meters Germany, Munich, 2015
Two Courts, Germany, Munich, 2015
Black and white Areial
River Arerial
Street and Trees
Nice day at the Woerth lake in Bavaria, Germany. January 2019

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